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You really want to be challenged during your holidays?

You want to explore nature and unknown trails or climb up high mountains? No problem with our family hotel Heisenhof adventure tips! Here, we offer you a list of exciting excursion possibilities right within the Kitzbüheler Alps, from which you can choose!

We are sure, there's something for everyone!

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Hexenwasser Hochsöll

Experience, learn and understand!

Inside this damp natural park even “cool“ kids tend to forget they had no intention of taking the tour. Winner of the coveted State Tourism Award, this recreational park boasts over 60 hands-on exhibits. Time flies when both parents and children are having fun.

On the enjoyable adventure trail "Hexenwasser" (Witches' Water) in Hochsöll, even cool youngsters forget that they didn't want to go hiking. Reservoirs, gullies, climbing ponds, mud pools and camp fires (more than 60 activity stations) leave no time for boredom.

Parents can either get some inspiration in the Kneipp pools or have their reflex zones massaged along Austria's longest "barefoot path" across grass, bark and stones.

Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll GmbH & Co.KG
Stampfanger 21
A- 6306 Söll
phone: +43 (0) 5333 5260
fax: +43 (0) 5333 5260 10

Marvellous Filzalm Lake

A cable car takes the guests directly from Brixen im Thale to Hochbrixen, from where it is only five minutes on foot before you catch your first glimpse of the Filzalmsee.

All around the idyllic Filzalmsee the visitor will discover a magical landscape of mountain pastures, in which there is a lot to see and discover. And then there is the biotope, which is right next to the lake. Here you can view the plant and animal life in the lake through a glass-bottomed funnel or you can have a go at moving the giant rope-operated hand. There is also a giant eye, which turns everything upside down, and the mystical water giant who rises from the water.

If you look at the nature around you a bit more closely then you may discover the odd natural peculiarity. This is because the Filzalm is surrounded by raised bog in which particular plants thrive and rare animals live.

It is not only families and hikers who like to visit the Filzalmsee, but Nordic walkers and mountain bikers also use the area around the lake for a longer break to enjoy the breathtaking views in peace and quiet, or to refresh themselves for the next stage in the moor foot spa or in the wading area of the Biotop facility.

Above the Filzalmsee is a cosy mountain hut, where you can sample typical local fare as well as fresh milk and cheese from the pastures. A well-developed network of hiking trails connects the Filzalmsee with the Hexenwasser Hochsöll, the Hohen Salve, the Jochstub´n See and the KaiserWelt in Scheffau.

Bergbahn Brixen im Thale AG
Liftweg1, A-6365 Brixen im Thale
phone: +43 (0) 5334 8507 0
fax: +43 (0) 5334 8507 50

Ellmis Magic World

Playing - Hiking - Adventure - pure nature on the mountain top!

A magical story comes true! Ellmi's Magic World will gradually start to grow with a 4000 square metre children's play park. It is a nature and adventure park that focuses on the flora and fauna and connects to the mystical wonderland of fairies, elves and goblins. Ellmi's Magic World is an adventure mountain appealing to young and old and presenting one surprise after the other in the fascinating realm of nature.

Bergbahnen Ellmau-Going GmbH & Co.
Weißachgraben 5
A-6352 Ellmau
phone: +43 (0) 5358 2320
fax: +43 (0) 5358 2251 31

Hohe Salve Hopfgarten

Hohe Salve - Tyrol's most beautiful view !

The Hohe Salve (1,829m) with the Salvenkirchlein, the highest pilgrim church in Austria guarantees a magnificent 360° panorama of more than 70 mountain summits over 3,000m – a real high.

You can reach the famous summit by foot from the mountain station Hochbrixen via the Filzalm in about 1-1 1/2 hours walking time or by the comfortable cable car Hochsöll / Hohe Salve. Once you are up you will be rewarded with superb views.

Directly at the mountain summit is the Salvenkirchlein built in 1641, a small pilgrim church with an early baroque high altar.

Across from the Salvenkirchlein is the mountain inn Hohe Salve with a rotating terrace, which always offers an incredible view over the mountains, even during mealtimes.

By building a cable car to the mountain summit, with its station discreetly built into the mountain, a lookout platform emerged facing north looking out with a fantastic view of the Wilder Kaiser. From the platform, it is also possible to see into the Inntal valley and as far as Bavaria, not to mention a series of attractions including a wind harp, sun-dial stations, an over-sized giant's face for children to climb on and a stroking zoo at the mountain inn.

Bergbahnen Hopfgarten-Itter-Kelchsau-Wörgl GmbH & Co.KG
Meierhofgasse 29
6361 Hopfgarten
phone: +43 (0)5335 2238 Hopfgarten
phone: +43 (0)5332 76325 Itter
phone: +43 (0)5335 8194 Kelchsau
fax: +43 (0)5335 3085

Alpinolino Westendorf

Exiting adventures with the “Schlauberger”

The little “Schlauberger” ( know-it-all ) of the Alpinolino welcomes children at the cable car station at Talkaser and leads them through the exciting Alpine countryside around Choralpe where many a puzzle lies hidden.

With the concept of “playing, searching and discovering”, numerous stations are installed on a 1.5 km long circular trail where you can test your sense of taste and smell, observe marmots, see how you measure up in the long jump or footrace or take a look at the mountain tops and various towns through a pay-telescope.

The Choralpe is also exciting for adults as it is one of the most scenic viewing points in the “Kitzbüheler Alpen” and has abundant natural attractions. On a clear day, you can see the Hohe Tauern range in the south with the Großvenediger and Großglockner and in the north the Wilder Kaisers massif.

There is a hike from Talkaser to the Brechhornhaus, which lies close to the beautiful and idyllic mountain lake, the "Kreuzjochlsee".

Bergbahnen Westendorf GmbH
Bergliftstraße 18
A-6363 Westendorf
phone: +43 80)5334 2000
fax: +43 (0)5334 200 17

Kaiserwelt Scheffau

The KaiserWelt is a games area with everything a child's heart desires.

From Scheffau you can take the cable car to the mountain station Brandstadl at 1,650m, where children and youngsters can let off as much steam as they like. There are a number of pedal cars available for smaller visitors at the mountain restaurant Brandstadl. On a small knoll nearby there are all kinds of toys, such as a trampoline, swings and a small flying fox ropeway.

The large terrace of the mountain restaurant offers visitors the possibility to relax with some traditional Tyrolean fare or with coffee and cakes whilst taking in the imposing mountain scenery.

At the heart of the Kaiserland in Scheffau is the "KAISERWALD"( Kaiser forest ). Children and youngster can have lots of adventures here and discover the numerous secrets of the forest. Whilst you are exploring you will find large tree huts as headquarters or lookout points, a rotating tree hut, raised hides, as well as a large number of climbing and balancing frames.

The mountain station Brandstadl looks out over beautiful hiking trails such as the "Kaiserweg" around the Brandstadl, the "Kaiser-Panorama trail" to Hartkaiser in Ellmau, the "Murmelweg" to Jochstub´n with the Jochstub´n See from where you can sit on a lookout bench and watch the activities of the cute marmots. Day hikes are offered to the "Filzalmsee" or the "Hexenwasser".

Bergbahnen Scheffau GmbH & Co.KG
Schwarzach 2
A-6351 Scheffau
phone: +43 (0)5358 8153 0
fax: +43 (0)5358 8181

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