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Wendelin water flea

Once upon a time there was a thick mountain forest in Tirol. Deep in the forest, hidden away between mighty old trees, was a rock pool. One magical morning, after days of wet and cold weather, the sun finally appeared again and caused the raindrops on the branches of the fir trees to sparkle like a million gemstones.

Dolores the Deer walked to the edge of the rock pool and gulped down a big mouthful of water. Just as she bent down to take another drink, she suddenly heard a terrible cry: “Help, help! Don’t swallow me! Please, let me out!”

All of a sudden a boy appeared at the water’s edge and said to the deer: “Spit that water out right away! My friend Wendelin is in there! He lives in this pool. Wendelin Water Flea is a tiny crustacean with antennae on his head and lots of legs on his stomach who lives in freshwater and eats algae. I often come and fish in this rock pool when I am here on holiday with my parents. It was during one of those visits that I discovered Wendelin and even had the chance to look at him up close through a magnifying glass. My name’s Malte, by the way. I’m from Berlin.”

“I would so love to come and play with you in the meadow, but I can only survive in water,” called out Wendelin. Just as he had finished speaking there was a rush of air and the sound of beating wings. As they looked up, Roxy the Raven landed right in front of them. “Maybe I can help you,” he crowed. “Many years ago I learnt a magic spell from a wise old witch. Let’s give it a go: Da-doo, da-dee – come out water flea!”

The air began to vibrate and all of a sudden Wendelin the Water Flea sprang from the water and landed in the grass with a big smile on his face. Here begins an exciting journey of discovery for Wendelin and his friends through the Tirolean mountain forest. Do you want to come along too?