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Hiking within the Kitzbüheler Alps

Hiking trip tours, themed hiking trails and special offers for families

Children like to have fun during a hiking trip AND they want to experience nature adventures! Why not? Here you can find hiking trip tours, themed hiking trails and special offers - all based on family hiking holidays here with us in Westendorf and the surrounding area!

Themed hiking trips for the entire family

  • Alpinolino
  • Filzalmsee Lake
  • Brixner Wanderschmetterling (Hiking Butterfly)
  • Adlerweg (Adler hiking trail)

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Geocaching in Westendorf

Geocaching is the new high-tech treasure hunt, which can be played in Westendorf & Kirchberg by adventurers with GPS gadgets. 'Geocachers' search for containers, so-called Geocaches, hidden amongst the unique nature of the Westendorf mountains, and endeavour to solve the enclosed puzzles. Only those who work out the next set of co-ordinates have a chance to seek out the final hiding place!

An exciting digital hiking adventure for young and old!

  • Treasure Coordinates and Descriptions
  • The Basics of a Digital Treasure Hunt
  • The Rules of Geocaching
  • Types of Geocaches
  • Grades of Difficulty for Geocoaching
  • The GPS Gadget

Or would you rather prefer visiting one of the surrounding playgrounds?

  • Brixen im Thale: Erlensee playground
  • Kirchberg: adventure playground in the woods, Kneipp area Aschau and children's playground Meitlfeld
  • Westendorf: children's playground